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About the Artist

Natasha Beshenkovsky, a graduate of Moscow Art School and Moscow Film Institute, worked as a director of 3-D animation, set designer, and still-life painter before coming to the United States in 1977. She soon became widely known among miniature collectors for her scale reproductions of decorated antique furniture and art objects. Considered by many to be one of the leading artists in the field of scale miniatures, her work is included in museum and private collections around the world. Starting in late 1990 she began to experiment with “three-dimensional paintings” – painterly miniature installations contained in a framed lightbox and creating miniature sculpture in her own unique style resembling origami.

“My work with three-dimensional paintings explores the way we relate to paintings, the magic space behind the frame.It appeals to the most naive, childlike in our relationship with art. My pieces remind of what art of painting used to be when it was prized for skill, craftsmanship, and the ability to create illusion. The goal is to concentrate the attention of the viewer, to invite contemplation and to show the beauty."

"Natasha reveals the magic of everyday life through the medium of miniatures" - Jane Freedman "the art of Natasha Beshenkovsky"

"These sensitive pieces reawaken the finest artistry of the past"  - Le Magazine de Maison de Poupee"

"One name is all that needed to identify some well-known figures. In the miniatures world such one-name celebrity is Natasha" - Miniature Collector

"Natasha's work takes your breath away: whether you are looking at a miniature painting... or her latest creation, three-dimensional still-lives... Natasha Beshenkovsky is a phenomenon" - Dolls House Nederland

"The essence of refinement" - Town and Country

"Natasha understands the power that miniatures have  on the heart, the magic of seeing with fresh  perspective: “We don’t spend time looking closely at things. Smallness makes us attentive.” ...The world frozen in time, every facet captured in detail – this is the Art of miniatures, the meditative quality of appreciating the vast sea through a single drop of water..." - Emily Wolverton,  The Mini Time Machine Museum

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